Niro’s Gyros

10826 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85044
(480) 753-6476

Overview: Niro’s Gyros specializes in authentic Gyros cooked fresh daily.  They also have a wide selection of  Chicagoan sandwiches.  They have their menu posted online.

Ashley: My first trip to Niro’s was a day after Alchaun’s first trip.  The decor is that of your typical fast food-ish joint – with a super-bright color scheme of Green – Red-Yellow.  It was clean looking, and when we went on Saturday at 3:00 or so it was quiet but we weren’t the only ones there.

As it was a fast food style place we ordered the surprise at the counter.  The girl was hesitant, but eventually ordered for us.  Alchaun got the philly cheesesteak, while I’m really not sure what I got.  It was a lot of beef with peppers.

Ashley's Beef with Peppers (?) sandwich

The food was OK.  The meat was well cooked – but there was just too much of it for me .  The fries were a perfect size – a bit larger than a McDonalds fry.  If I were to go again I would actually order a gyro  – or maybe something with chicken.

Niro's Fries

Niro's Fries

Alexander: I found this place when I needed some food in the middle of a convention, and I am glad I did.  I am a fan of sandwiches so any sandwich/gyro shop always seems to hit the spot.  This place seemed a little to vibrant in decor due to the matching tables chair and walls in red, yellow and green.  The first day i went I ordered a standard gyro and the meat was beyond tender.  The next day when I came back with Ashley we got surprised and the Philly Cheesesteak  was pretty good.  It was a bit too much meat for the bread, and got a little soggy, but overall a tasty treat.

I am not a big fry guy, but they seemed fairly average.  Golden brown, slightly crisp, and a good portion.

Our Food Is Delivered

Our Food Is Delivered


Alexander's Philly Cheesesteak

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Ordering Surprises

We encourage our friends to be surprised in restaurants as well.  This has lead to meals with varying levels of success.  So, before we begin – a short tutorial on ordering surprises.

  1. Know how picky you are.  If you can’t stand seafood simply ask “Surprise me – but no seafood.”  If we’ve received the same meal too many times we’ll say “Surprise me – but not the Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp”.  If I’m watching what I’m eating I’ll tell the server ‘I’m looking for healthy options, so grilled and steamed over fried, etc”.  If I’m in a place I’m likely to get a steak (which I hate) I’ll let them know “I’ll be happier if it swims or flies than moos.”
  2. No Complaining!  You are putting your server in a very tense spot as it is, trying to guess how best to please you.  If you get food you don’t like, suck it up!  Maybe learn to expand a bit!  I hated jalapenos until I got a jalapeno popper chicken sandwich at Fridays – and now I like them!  
  3. If you have a budget – let your server know.  When you say ‘Surprise Me” you are opening up the entire menu.  You will encounter servers that will get you the most expensive item on the menu.  You have to be prepared for that.  If you would rather not spend more than a certain amount, just say so!  “Surprise me with a meal under $20” is a perfectly reasonable request.  And if you do end up with the most expensive item take a moment to consider that it may be the best item on the menu – don’t just assume your server is trying to jack up the tip.

The bottom line is:  put your server at ease!  Understand that you are putting them in an awkward spot and they can tend to be nervous about doing well for you.  Chances are good that you will be at this restaurant sometime again, and you want to make the servers happy to see you!   Here are some tips for working with servers:

  • Be friendly.  You can almost guarantee your server has been poorly treated at some point in their day.  Be a bright spot.
  • Keep in mind that servers talk.  More than once we have been greeted by a server who upon hearing our order said “Oh!  You’re those people!”
  • Tip generously.  They are giving you extra service by picking your food – and should be compensated.
  • Don’t make a big deal about money.  Again, if your budget is tight, discuss that with your server.  Frequently we will hand a card to our server without even looking at the bill – especially if they have been a nervous sort.  If we were to scrutinize it they can see that as a measure of disapproval.  Paying without looking gives them the message that we think they did well.  

Keep in mind:  cultivating server relationships is the best way to begin to get off-menu items!

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Welcome to Surprise Us!  My name is Ashley and together with my fiance Alexander we will be reviewing restaurants for you.  At each restaurant we will have the server surprise us with our meal – after all, who knows the food better than the staff?  

We will each provide our own opinion on each restaurant – hopefully providing a balanced view of each location.  We will also take pictures where appropriate, and add the location to our google map.  We hope to inspire you to try a few new places and a few foods you wouldn’t have tried before.

A quick note for servers:  we understand that surprising guests is a lot of pressure.  We do not personally blame you if we get a less-than-delicious meal, and please do not consider a poor review of food quality as a reflection upon yourself or your choice for our food.

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